It's good to know you are single :) are you ready for marriage or are you focusing on something else right now?

Idk what’s going on right now but yeah if I found the right person I’d get married.

Are you single :)

Actually yes, recently single. I used to be married to a beard (don’t ask) but then the person whose beard it was decided to go ahead and kill my husband.. nbd, it’s not like it was love or anything you know?

I’m not bitter or anything…. not at all.

Salaam Saghira, just was wondering how old are you? What year were you born in?

Wa salaam.

I’m 22 and I was born in 1990 :)

I personally think 1990 is an awesome year to be born in because your age always ends in the same number as the year you’re in (2011/21, 2012/22, 2013/23..etc..) I love little things like that.

you added music back to your blog!

Yup :)

would you ever put a video of you belly dancing? i would love to see im trying to learn :)


I mean Plz post a pic of your self

I already have tons of pics of myself on my blog but sure.. 

Wow, no need to be a bitch. I was just saying that someone may not like to see god everywhere on their dash ok? Chill.

I really think it's kinda of unfair how your blog doesn't seem to cater to people who DONT believe in "god"

My blog caters to me and my interests, not other people’s. If someone happens to like what I post and chooses to follow me then cool, if no one ever chose to follow me that’s cool too. My blog isn’t for people, it’s for me. You don’t like how much God is on it then you don’t have to follow. Simple concept that seems oh so hard for people to grasp.

Have a nice day though.

Your voice is so soothing like just the tone of it and how you speak. You should do more voice or video posts.

I was actually thinking about doing one today of my fave khalil gibran poem

you can't just practice the aspects of Islam you like and completely ignore the ones you don't

You can’t just make assumptions about someone’s life and ignore the fact that you don’t know shit about me or what I practice <3

Are you secretly an old guy?

How did you know

Thank you so much Sagira! Jazakallah Kheir :) And I haven't mentioned this in previous asks but I honestly admire and respect you so much, I wish most muslims were as kind-hearted as you are <3 I wish the best for you and I will continue revisiting your blog everyday!

Wa iyyaki :) no problem at all. And awww, you are too sweet. Thank you so much and there are tons much nicer than I can even imagine being. May Allah bless you and I wish the same for you! <3

Asalam Alaykum, I'm the one who messaged you about the hijab and I want to thank you for replying! I appreciate everything you said and I'm focusing more on connecting with Allah and I find that hijab made me more self conscious and took my focus. Especially recently when someone referred to me as towel head, I became more depressed. I wish I had more faith and that I can bear the responsibility but it's one of the difficult things I've ever gone through. Am I bad if I take it off for a while?

Wa alaikum salaam.

I can’t tell you whether you will be “bad” for taking it off or not, only Allah knows that. I do know that you shouldn’t wear it if your entire heart isn’t into it. I took my hijab off because I was wearing it for the wrong reasons and inshallah one day I’ll be strong enough to do it. I can’t imagine it being bad to step away from it and return when you can honestly submit yourself to all that the hijab means. I wish you the best of luck, seriously. I know how much it sucks! Keep praying and inshallah you’ll find it easy <3

Salam Sagira! I just wanted to discuss with you the whole topic of hijab because I'm very frustrated and I admire your input. I've been wearing the hijab for a year and I was confident in it until I started noticing people judging me for it. I wish it was only non-muslims but also fellow sisters in islam would tell me I'm a 'hoejabi' and that I shouldn't be wearing jeans or showing the shape of my legs. And recently I started wearing it in more of a turban style to feel more comfortable ///Cont.

2// with myself and it helped me get over wanting to take it off. However other hijabis insult me to my face and it becomes so frustrating because no matter what I do, I’m judged. I know that my imaan and faith are really what counts and alhamdulilah the past few months I’ve been doing so much better with my deen, but it honestly gets difficult. I wish people would learn not to judge others, especially when we’re from the same religion, it truly makes me depressed :/

Wa salaam,

People are always going to judge us and their opinions quite honestly do not matter. When you put on the hijab, put it on for Allah and when you wear the hijab, wear it for Allah and when someone says something as degrading as you being a “hoejabi” leave them to Allah. If you feel comfortable in a turban style hijab, then rock that shit and if you ever choose to go back to full hijab then rock that shit too. Just be you, keep Allah on your mind and send all the haters to the right :) Don’t let other people get to you because in the end they aren’t worth it. Religion and how you choose to practice it is such a personal thing that no one can step into your shoes and understand where you are coming from or going. Just go with the knowledge that Allah is our only judge and that you are trying your best to please Him.

That’s all that matters <3 stay strong.

Keep being the best, bby xx