Salam. I just heard Naseems mother passed away, Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. I was thinking maybe we could do something via tumblr. Maybe ask people to read a juz or recite something. I don't know. You know him, if we can do something let me know and I'll try my best to help. Ma'Salaam.

Wa salaam, that would be lovely. If we could get together and do something via Tumblr to show him and his family support in any way, that would be greatly appreciated by him I’m sure. I don’t really know what though >.<

  1. trusimplicity said: We can try to complete the Quran on her behalf. We can have each person write you or whomever to claim a Surah or Juz until each is called for. Depending on how many people plan to join in, we can complete the Quran a certain # of times.
  2. anumnum said: You could make a post asking people to read a juz and/or Surah Yasin. If they’re interested, they can message you saying which they want to do. Then you can either assign them a juz (to make sure each gets read) & tally how many times Yasin is read.
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